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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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not be a totalmuch done, but reports in sterling there are ve not enough to be detected by the doppler. but the white areas putting off to the east quickly here. scatters showers and flurries. southern maryland, an inch and a half, ej is in prince fredrick he measured on the pic there are bands of moderate now and temperatures near freezing. cutting across central and southern areas and down towards southern st.
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grass, a slush accumulation on overpasses, the bridges and ramps, you have to watch out this morning. one guy, it makes me happy when i see this, snow is sticking to your car, knock it off, this guy knew what to do. >> that is a regular thing with folks. you are seeing some folks driving with the snow on top and on their windshield and back window. it impairs your
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to me, when down towards the client co things are deeper down south this morning. fredrick county towards rockville a decent drive. 55miles per hour on southbound 95. that's one thing that i noticed, most folks are adhering to the speed limit not exceeding it this morning. now, let's take a live look. now, this is an interesting shot. salted by the maryland department of transportation
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pretreated s robert. and a kick couple of mentions. more and more schools doing a two-hour delay. we'll run them across the bottom of the screen as well. at this hour, prince william county police are looking for a man who took part in an eight -hour standoff with them and another man is behind bars. and gonzales, that you are seeing there, he fired shots at a passing vehicle. >> we appreciate everyone being patient. but we wanted it to be safe for our community and law enforcement. >> police believe that gonzales had gang ties. no
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has ties to old charged with assault on an officer after he at police from inside of his house. and officers ducked for cover, they went to the home responding to a 9-1-1 call about an intruder and they learned when they arrived there was never an intruder. two brothers admit to shooting a washington, d.c. police detective and tried to shoot another learned their fate tonight. the hayes pled guilty of the shooting. the shootings happened during a confrontation with police in august 2014. both officers were off-duty at the time. the brothers had been drinking
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and taking drugs before the s aiseto tell u.s. districted court today. and mikea turner is live. >> reporter: mike, andrea, caraway will appear in district court today at 2:00 p.m. and expected to tell a judge more than we know now, he has spoken about many of the allegations against him and ready to tell it linn court. more revolutions in the case of caraway who is accused of recording students with him and with other students. the 22-year-old suspect is expected to come before a judge today in
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and provide answers that authorities have onct wee coming up in the next half hour reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. looks like google is jumping into the fight against the zika virus. engineers are trying to write algorithms to predict where zika could spread next. it will include movement of people gathered with cell phones and weather patterns. and they are donated a million dollars to unicef. so who are you going to call?
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with this friday. 5:09. and one more school delay. fredericksburg city is on a delay. the washington area fuel fund is going to give people a taste on what it is like to have no heat. they are going to handout free popsicles today. they won to draw attention to the fact that one and four washington, d.c. residents have to choose between rent, medication and heat in their home.
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in washington, montgomery counties, but the ster light to modetesnow is continuing there. from leonard town and hollywood now -- you go into extreme southern st. mary's and the pictures on twitter four to six inches down there. there is the ramps. that's reagan national. they are just
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some sun .
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meg speeds at pr we have a live look at first alert doppler right now. you can see most of the system is moving towards the eastern shore and then eventually out to
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are no trending topic in washington, d.c. is s up, divisions deepen. ted cruz and marco rubio are not paying attention to each other, instead paying attention to donald trump. and the 11th debate overall. and donald trump fired right back. >> donald trump has a tenuious relationship. >> anyone that rvdesees to be attacked is donald
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>> scusons is what some are twe coming out of that. now, what many are pointing
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e centers for disease control is sayi on -- infections s show possible health benefits from yogurt and large amounts of coffee. women who ate five or more servings of yogurt had week had less high blood pressure. and six cup ezof coffee a day reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis. coffee has antiinflammatory properties. now, the link for women in
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correlation for men, but the th 9s. >> the second-hand coffee. i love tay >> speak. southern maryland ancturother t out of columbia, maryland. you need two inches of snow on the cars and the roads are manly wet, you can see the sidewalks a little bit of build up on it. in the areas where we had a little bit of extra snow, we are probably facing that. the storm is pulling away. and hbwx if you
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me. southern maryland an
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bulk of ngeron bridges the exits route one is starting to find
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welcome back. 5:24. do you get the eck feeling when you go into a airline
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there is a nds more studies need to be done before it is offered on the flights for them. alexia, what is on the calendar today. >> amazon is going to amplify alexia, the voice recognition system on the amazon echo and fire tv. it will be available in smaller apps. there is new internet-based voice devices. we reported earlier on the health benefits of yogurt and coffee and an aspirin to help prevent cancer. aspirin provides the best protection against colon ca
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good morning. 5:29. the snow is moving out. we're crossing our fingers till will be the last yellow alert for a snow day this season. >> two presidential candidates are coming to prince george's county. we
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happy now, l gin for larry miller. and there are a couple of slick spots out there. here is howard. most of the roads in the immediate metro d the eastern shore we probably have slick spots there. three, four, five, six inches of snow, but the snow is putting away west of 95. not much is going on. avery light flurries here. you go down 95, not
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going on larry is off, rois thompson in maryland and then robert. acouple of flakes. >> reporter: a few crystals coming down. the last hour it started to die off. the snow totals two inches. we have kevin in snow tracker 9 in route 5 and it is still coming down heavy. you saw the photo the potential five inches on the patio there. the good news, it is not sticking to
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information. now, here is robert altman in and into the shaded areas going to cause problems. the beltway is looking in good shape. dc295 just a little bit of traffic moving in through new york avenue as well. here is a concern with the temperatures that may be fluctuating. and howard that in a bit. thar
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accidents northbound on the sta so be careful. route 29, you south of laurel. but once again, could see dicey problems getting off towards the bridges and overpasses. that is my concern this morning. that's the latest. now over to andrea and mike. >> thank you, robert. a local english teacher arrested in an undercover sex sting will go on trial today. richard kemp is facing prostitution and sex charges. he planed to meet a 16-year- old boy to trade sex for money. he
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d in the case. former t tofi mikea turner is live outside of the u.s. district court with more expected to be a lot, right? mikea? >> reporter: oh, yeah. good morning. mike, andrea, caraway is expected to speak up about these allegations today in court. police are saying he has told them a lot and now he is ready to tell a judge. when the 22-year-old suspect stands before a federal judge in u.s. district court today he is expected to talk about his  role or part of it in a child porn scandal that rocked the entire community. caraway is accused of forcing children inside of the judge's elementary school to engage in sexual behavior with him and
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other victims were allegedly recruited out of the city and m >> i don't think ththe building i thk that they can investigate further. >> reporter: now, the lawsuit against the city is the fourth lawsuit filed on behalf of possible victims in the case. the other lawsuit accuse school employees of failing to report the concerns raised by students and parents. reporting live, mikea turner, wusa 9. we have new developments involving the freddie gray police officer trial. this is
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mall and a stra is really, real especially a child not with their parents. >> police did not provide 9 investigators have already pursuing leads to find the man. families of 12 of the passengers on that malaysia airlines flight 370 have sued
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the carrier and the government, that is ahead of the 777 flew o for unknown including the navy ceilings they could be serving in previously male-only units by the fall. plans obtained by the "associated press" are saying something of the services predicted only small number of women would volunteer. 5:37. no dating.
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we had is morning. the snow will be gone and sun building in. tees40 to 45. now, the roads this morning. afew accidents on the wet roads and maybe slick as well. here is robert altman as well. yes. an accident is just in. look at the beltway not bad at all, just decent shape, college park, bethesda and northbound 95 starting to see heavier traffic. andrea, mike, over to
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extremely popular with
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he is likely nominee of the republican party. and that has sent the republican establishment into a deep, deep panic. they don't want to be with this guy, but the voters are choosing him. unlike donald trump's or marriages, this could last eight years. they have woken up. they have woken up in bed with this guy. but they are not taking it lying down. for instance, if trump is not the nominee, mitch mcconnell vows he and his colleagues will quote drop him
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something on the professionals. >> and leads of the free world. how about this? good morning, "wake up washington." look at this interesting sunrise. part dark and part light coming up. and the now is moving -- snow is moving out. that's the good part. >> we have a list of two-hour delays on the website, so look at those. ted cruz will have a speech today that national harbor, speaking at the c pack conference. the speech is planned for 4:00 this afternoon. some of the people attending the conference is not sure if they can vote
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if he gets the today in c pack. he did not take part in the republican debate last night. he led the race before his campaign started to implode. chicago will have to wait. president barack obama address ongoing rumors where his family will live after they leave office. >> we will have to stay a couple of years in dc so sasha can graduate. because-- high school. >> makes sense. you heard him say, gp will be home so their youngest daughter can finish high school. after that, they have not decided where they will move. the last president to stay in town after leaving
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house was montmery a 16-year-o prostitution. the two suspects, sharp and mcclam, the men arranged for johns to have sex with their teen victim as a red roof inn plus. police used an undercover operation. you might recall allegations of bizarre baby fight club. ajury found a second worker gillie of child cruelty, this is at the miniland academy. sprigs and a coworker fed toddlers flaming hot cheetos, and sprayed them with water houses and encouraged them to fight for their entertainment. a maryland state ser
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has mall called no access, noe show for visitors to learn where reproductive freedom stands for women. you can see it from 11:00 to 7:00. the national women's advocacy group organized the somehow. across the country, he is known as bill nye the science guy. today he will receive an award from nasa. he is being awarded for his
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contributions. he will receive the award at the crystal eng elementary scho it lists the dilays of affection, iluding love notes. yeah. anything else that might distract from learning. some parents don't see anything wrong with these activities. >> you know as parents we should be talking with our kids when it is okay to have the feelings and they are not wrong. >> the school district told parents students would not get in trouble fordying or talking about dating. >
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>> you , in the secondary roads are passable. a lot of two-hour delays in southern maryland. this is virginia, this is the northern neck. this is four inches on the railing down there. so james thanks for sharing that this morning. you can send me your photos on twitter. there's the storm pulling away. there's not much showing up on doppler, very light flurries in montgomery, d.c., and fairfax. put we can pickup a little bit more snow from st. mary's on
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northern neck and four inches of snow. i spoke tojan at the . snow. aheavier band and a mix right here in extreme southern st. mary's county. in washington, d.c. very light flurries now. clouds and a flurry lingering, but sun builds in later on. high 40 to 45. and temperatures 32 to 30 in many areas so we have to worry about that right now. in town, 34 and a northwest wind at nine and light snow at the airport. today 44. mid-40's tomorrow and rain and showers on saturday night. and sunday more sun and 50. and then 62 on monday. and 70 on tuesday
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and if you are heading towards dulles, bwi, or reagan national, i don't see any problems. no major issues just wet conditions inbound 66 that is a 12-minute drive. we are starting to pickup on volume southbound 270 moving down through the area of 109. the accident off to the left- hand side. you can expect minor delays there. that's the latest. over to you. >> thank you, robert. the last day for 20k in 20 days. today is the last day to win your share of some of that cash. here's how you do it. you get an
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pocket. it is simple. watch our 6:00 a.m. owbe the ninth caller with the correct word. wusa 9 iscommitted to helping teachers and students in the dmv that's where every friday we are introducing you to area classrooms that need your support. this week meet matthew. areading intervention teacher in northeast. he works with students to improve their reading skills and trying to raise $2,000 to purchase bilingual books for each family at the school. he wants every family to be able to read with their students. >> a lot of families don't speak english at home, and of course, we honor that, we encourage that, we want them to, of course, have th
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children at home. just like y o help go to www. trump in a movie. this new film there is a scene where donald trump contracts a.i.d.s. according to the "huffington post" that acknowledged donald trump as a president cande,idat they are saying sony pictures are concerned how the new donald trump will react to the scene. ascene that was met with loud cheering according to the telegraph. now,
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say they are supportive of the film ke
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at 5:59. that yellow weather alert for another one to two hours. the snow is pulling away. in most cases in the metro, wet roads with isolated slick spots. south and east of us, four inches in hulling town, two to three in the ridge and st. mary's and one to two in the metro. afew flurries let over here, first alert live doppler is not picking them up. we still have a another couple of hours to get through. the low to mid-40's later on. now, let's find out how the commute is doing this morning. here is robert altman. howard on southbound 270, this is one of the areas, the accident just reported a while ago y
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lane. at 270 right now clarksburg. this accident. that's the latest. andrea, mike. back to you. sure feels like friday, doesn't it, good morning. washington. >> right now, 6:00 a.m., this former prince george's county teacher aide is getting set to go before a judge. donald trump has a tenuious relationship with the truth. >> anyone whoever deserved to be attacked, it is donald trump. >> party's over and the gop republican debate turns into a slugfest once again. a family's farewell, he


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